Smart manufacturing

In the field of smart manufacturing, we develop systems and software for production management. Our technologies offer complete control over the manufacturing process, optimising it and making it more efficient. Our system aggregates and analyses data, enabling changes to be made and eliminating costly errors.
A well-optimised production line also means less waste and more efficient material usage, transitioning from traditional, paper communication to digital, as well as the ability to make key decisions in real time with the help of the system. All this results in a factory which operates more efficiently and is more environmentally-friendly. Implementing the system in production management makes it possible to implement automatic and semi-automatic production lines.
We develop production management systems for the discrete manufacturing, food and petrochemical industries. Our solutions have found use in 150 of the largest factories and manufacturing plants around the world.

How do we work?

•    We research trends, our clients' expectations and the challenges they face to develop and adapt our systems to their needs, here and now, over the next quarter or even several years.
•    We create modern architectures for production management systems.
•    Our products are tailored to specific industries and solutions, on which we have a tangible impact.
•    We are highly independent – our teams are free to choose their software development technologies and methods.
•    We use such technologies and environments as HTML5, ReactJs, Microsoft .NET Framework, SQL server databases, OPC DA and OPC UA.
•    We work closely with teams developing the 800xA distributed control system, IIoT Edge digital service platforms, Genix AI Suite, Ability, as well as Microsoft – on the development of such applications as Edge and Cloud.
•    As a member of the OPC Foundation, we influence the development of new control technologies.
•    We are also technology partners with Intel.

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