Electromobility is the key to sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation. In this area we are currently working on bus and electric truck charging infrastructures. We specialise in research and development projects involving chargers installed along bus routes and chargers for delivery vehicles.

We also participate in research projects focused on applying artificial intelligence to enable optimal energy storage and use in vehicles utilising high power chargers. Our goal is fast and efficient charging and energy storage, to result in longer battery life cycles.

We also develop pioneer solutions for Formula E, which is currently the testing ground for the latest automotive technologies.

How do we work?

•    Our engineers and programmers approach R&D projects from a comprehensive perspective: from designing the mechanical and electrical elements to developing the software and pilot installations on site.
•    We work closely with such leading bus and truck manufacturers as Solaris and Volvo.
•    Our technologies and products which are manufactured in ABB factories across the globe.
•    We work in an interdisciplinary environment comprising mechanical engineers, electricians, electronics engineers and C++ and Java developers.

Learn more about Formula E:  https://new.abb.com/formula-e
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