Building a better future through robotics.


Consumer Segments and Service Robotics is at the forefront of bringing robotics to new emerging segments, from helping to create customized packaging, delivering fresh healthy food quickly and sustainably, to helping biotech companies tackle diseases. 

Together, and with the help of robotics, we can create a better planet and a better society.

In ABB we are looking for talents like you who want to be part of our global team that is energizing this transformation to achieve a more productive and sustainable future.

Are you ready to embark on this exciting journey, together with us?

Jose-Manuel Collados

Jose-Manuel Collados

“I really appreciate all chances ABB has given to me to continuously learn from great colleagues, from all over the world, and customers from so many different businesses while having me as part of great teams and projects. I have never been bored in ABB, or nor felt at all unchallenged”
Market Development Manager Robotics & Discrete Automation

Daniel Navarro

“ABB is a great company and Robotics division is the most dynamic and innovating unit but what I appreciate the most is its real global and multicultural nature that has enriched me as leader and as a person.”
Chief Operating Officer Robotics & Discrete Automation

How is Robotics helping the healthcare sector?

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