Digital Marine

When a ship is out at sea, hundreds of kilometres away from the nearest port, its safety depends on the decisions made by the captain and the engineering crew. Our Kraków laboratory has for many years been developing technologies and systems to help the crews of ships in making the right decisions.
When it comes to solutions for ocean travel and the marine industry, we develop software and integrated systems which enhance the flexibility, reliability and energy efficiency of the vessels. Our solutions combine the Internet of Things, automation and advanced data analytics with software which makes it possible to remotely monitor and diagnose ship performance, maximising its lifespan.
Our operational projects involve the monitoring and diagnosing the performance of the devices which make up the electrical and drive systems of vessels. For this purpose we make use of advanced diagnostic algorithms and develop recommendations and technical reports for crews, helping them identify malfunctions and damage. We offer remote support for deck engineers, wherever they are located across the seas and oceans of the world.
We also carry out research and development projects, which involve developing critical digital services, solutions for controlling key systems, including electrical drives, as well as a system for remotely monitoring and diagnosing ocean-going vessels. We are currently assembling a team to develop the technologies and systems for operating and controlling autonomous ships and other vessels.

How do we work?

•    We are developing a system for remote diagnostics and machine monitoring on ships and other vessels.
•    Our team is made up of programmers, diagnostics experts, analysts and testers.
•    We participate in projects carried out across the globe – we can fly a helicopter to a drilling platform if necessary.
•    We are responsible for our product and its quality.
•    Our teams are interdisciplinary and international.
•    As part of our R&D projects, we develop software and systems in the Microsoft Azure cloud, do backend development work in C#, .net and .net.core and frontend work in Angular and .web.
•    We develop software dedicated for captains and deck engineers, facilitating operational decision-making on ships. This system is a major step towards the development of autonomous ships.

Learn more about our projects for the marine industry:

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