Thomas's Story

Since 2017, Thomas Gamer has been a team leader in research at ABB's Ladenburg site. Thanks to ABB's flexible working time models enable him to work part-time during parental leave, allowing him to balance his professional and family life equally.


Thomas Gamer

Research Team Manager, Process Automation
Mannheim, Germany

„With my first child, I took parental leave immediately after the birth and again after the first year. When my second child was born, I had just started a leadership role. Thanks to ABB's flexible working time models, I was able to work part-time and still enjoy the positive experiences of parental leave once again.“​​​​​​

As a research director, Thomas Gamer's work day varies a great deal. He collaborates with many different areas and functions, from developers to senior management. The teamwork, which is very important in research, also brings something new every day. "Here, we can creative and innovative, implement our ideas, and contribute to various ABB products and technology roadmaps," says Thomas. "All this makes my work very multifaceted and exciting for me." 

As a father of two children, it was important to Thomas to balance his professional and private life better. For this reason, he took parental leave. "With my first child, I took parental leave immediately after the birth and again after the child's first year," says Thomas. "When my second child was born, I had just started a leadership role but still wanted to experience the positive aspects of parental leave again, so I took it part-time." 

This way, Thomas was available to ABB for eight hours a week, dedicating rest of his time to his family. "I was still able to support my team with important matters and attend important meetings. As a result, collaboration continued to work very well," Thomas continues. 

Thomas has also taken advantage of other ABB benefits to balance family and career. "Since my wife also works, structuring the family routine is crucial. If one of the children gets sick or I need to go on a business trip, it disrupts the usual routine," says Thomas. Using flextime or a flex day helps Thomas manage this balance well. For example, if something unexpected happens, he can spontaneously work half a day from home. 

He definitely recommends taking parental leave to his colleagues, as it offered him opportunities that full-time work couldn’t, such as allowing him to see his children grow in their first months. "Of course, it always depends on how the immediate work environment can accommodate such working models. In our team, it worked very well, and the predominantly positive feedback made me very happy and served as an important sign," Thomas concludes. 

This is Thomas's story.
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