​​​​​​​Lauri's story

ABB was already a big part of Lauri’s studies as he not only started his career at ABB with a summer internship but also had the opportunity to write his Bachelor’s and Master’s thesis for ABB. 


Lauri Kujala 

Global Sales Support Engineer, Motion
Vaasa, Finland

​​​​​“It was clear to me I wanted to keep working with electric motors but on a larger scale and in a role where I get the chance for continuous learning on a daily basis.”

Now, together with his team, Lauri offers customer tailored motors with world leading efficiency to ABB's end customers in the role of Global Sales Support Engineer in IEC LV Motors in Vaasa, Finland.

ABB’s wide range of products and various career opportunities as a global company first intrigued Lauri. “It all started back in the 2015 with a summer internship when I first worked two summers in the low voltage motor production as a Production Worker”. After gaining general knowledge of the production of electric motors, Lauri took the next step in his career and started a summer internship as a Production Supervisor. 

Combining his experience in production and his study background in Electrical Engineering, Lauri moved towards his current role in Global Customer Support team, where he also first started as an intern. “As an intern, I saw the functions of production, engineering, and sales of electric motors. It was clear to me I wanted to keep working with electric motors but on a larger scale and in a role where I get the chance for continuous learning on a daily basis.," Lauri says. 

In his work, Lauri selects and offers motors for end customers globally. He believes that every motor efficiency impacts total world energy consumption. One of the solutions Lauri and the team has to offer is actually his favorite too – IE5 Synchronous reluctance motor which is combined with the ideal ABB drive to achieve world-leading efficiency. 

In addition to the products, additionally the work community matters a lot for Lauri. “It is the people and the matter we work for: a global work community that innovates and implements world-leading energy-efficient solutions cannot be ignored.”

​​​​​​​This is Lauri's story.
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