​​​​​​​Petra's story

What makes Petra’s story at ABB so rewarding? Various projects with colleagues who listen, encourage, and trust. 


Petra Hakoniemi 

Intern, Motion
Vaasa, Finland

​​​​​“My manager and colleagues see my potential, which I don't always see myself. They give me responsibility so that I can develop and learn something new every day.”

Petra describes herself being a curious person, and that has in fact been the trait that has taken her forward in her career through various positions at ABB. Her journey with ABB started over four years ago with a summer internship in production site while she was a second-year student in Industrial Management at the University of Vaasa. Now Petra is working part-time as a Global Quality Intern simultaneously writing her Master’s Thesis at ABB. 

After a summer full of new learnings in production, Petra switched to a After Sales Team in office site to work during her studies. Now in her current position as a Global Quality Intern ABB IEC LV Motors, Petra has the opportunity to work with various tasks in a project-base environment. "My tasks are related to the organization's quality processes such as collecting and analyzing the quality data, process modeling, and training for other people about the global systems, to mention a few. All working days and tasks are different,” Petra explains. 

As Petra is working as part of a global team, her responsibilities are not only limited to Finland but also include production facilities abroad. One of the things that she highlights are the great colleagues at ABB which she has around the world: "The most exciting thing during these four years has been working together with colleagues and stakeholders from all over the world and from different cultures.”

As a intern, she finds it motivating to work in an atmosphere of trust and encouragement. "I have enough challenging tasks. My manager and colleagues see my potential, which I don't always see myself. They give me responsibility so that I can develop and learn something new every day."

"By listening to my ideas, goals, and aspirations, colleagues around me have wanted to help me achieving my goals. Sometimes, these people have given me even more ideas or better ideas via outside-the-box thinking. When you have enough curiosity, you talk about your thoughts, and people around you listen to you – there is potential for anything.” Petra shares.

​​​​​​​This is Petra's story.
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