​​​​​​​Olha's story

Creativity plays a big part in Olha's internship as a Global Product Marketing Trainee in Motion's Large Motors and Generators at ABB. Even though her first thought was that working with marketing content for utilities and industries might be challenging, she decided to take a chance.  


Olha Tsymbaliuk 

Intern, Motion
Helsinki, Finland

​​​​​“I keep growing my skills base and my senior colleagues are letting me take the responsibility of the tasks while helping with difficulties and guiding me through the process.”

Olha holds a degree from Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences in International Sales and Marketing. Internationality was one aspect that intrigued Olha to apply for the internship at ABB. "I wanted to gain work experience in a well-known, leading company. Also, I was looking for a corporate organization where the working language is English," she says. 

Daily, Olha can unleash her creativity while developing various marketing materials, visuals, and other content. "I work on editing and creating marketing materials, for example, catalogs, brochures, and sales presentations. As ABB's products are continuously improved and developed, my task is to either produce new marketing materials or make changes to the existing materials," Olha explains. 

"Working at ABB is a continuous process of learning. First, it is learning how to use new tools, for instance, InDesign and Premiere Pro, Salesforce and Pardot as well, which marketers commonly use," Olha describes her learning process at ABB. In addition to tools, she has also learned a lot about product launching in practice – which she finds very thrilling. "I keep growing my skills base, and my senior colleagues are letting me take the responsibility of the tasks while helping with difficulties and guiding me through the process." 

Olha wants to encourage other marketing students to find their interests and stick to them. "Define what you would like to do. For example, if we talk about marketing, there is product marketing and marketing communications. The first one is about catalogs, brochures, and presentations, while the second one is about customer success stories, articles, videos and social media posts and so on." 

Lastly, Olha summarizes her tips on landing the first internship. "Don't lose hope: I hadn't got a summer internship when I applied the first time, but I've got an offer to have an internship from October to March, and then prolonged it for next summer as well.” 

​​​​​​​This is Olha's story.
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