​​​​​​​Milla's story

Despite being a student without a technical background, Milla might need to solve tasks requiring technical knowledge in her work. With the help from her team and with a mindset of continuous learning, she manages to deal with those – and she wants to encourage also other non-technical students to start a career in technology field.   


Milla Pikkusaari 

Intern, Electrification
Vaasa, Finland

​​​​​“For me the most important thing has been the flexibility ABB offers for interns who study and work at the same time.”

Milla combines both: studying full-time in a Master’s program of Marketing Management at the University of Vaasa and working part-time at ABB. “For me, the most important thing has been the flexibility ABB offers for interns who study and work at the same time. Remote work makes it easier to schedule all the work and studying.”  

Milla got intrigued by ABB as she felt that it would be a company that could offer versatile opportunities also for students: “ABB is a big employer here in Vaasa region. I knew there were differing career opportunities and I also felt that ABB had a good reputation as an employer. And I still feel the same!”  

Milla started her journey at ABB 1,5 years ago in a Technical Sales Team in ABB Distribution Solutions division. “When I started working in my team, my tasks included mostly updating or creating eLearning courses and administrative tasks in ABB’s learning management system. This year I have also been working with different projects mostly related to trainings, for example a one web page project and creating introduction materials for our training offering,” describes Milla her versatile tasks. 

During her time at ABB, she has learned a lot: “I have got more used to working in English and learned to use new tools. Working remotely has been much more independent than I have been used to, but it has taught me a lot. On the other hand, I have learned more about the importance of collaboration.” When Milla describes her daily tasks, she also points out the importance of her team: “Also, positive atmosphere and being surrounded by kind and supportive people have been very important!” 

When asked what she wants to get out of her achieve from internship, Milla answers: “Learning new things, getting valuable work-life experience, and getting to know new people too!” 

​​​​​​​This is Milla's story.
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