University relations Hero

University relations
An even closer collaboration with universities

We partner with more than 100 universities to develop long-term disruptive technologies as well as mid- to short-term evolutionary innovations for our existing products and services.
​​​​​​​From materials science and software to power electronics and electromagnetics - we work together in many different disciplines.

How do we partner with universities?

ABB-directed research
ABB-directed research refers to projects with a commercial focus funded primarily by ABB at specific universities (based on, e.g., access to competencies outside the company). ABB also considers targeted RFPs (requests for proposals) through programs, such as the ABB Research Award in Honor of Hubertus von Gruenberg.
University collaboration
We partner with leading universities to develop research and educational programs with regular workshops and seminars as well as graduate-level placements at ABB. Professors divide their time between ABB and academic institutions, directing commercial projects, guiding PhD students and shaping educational programs at partner universities.
PhD programs
We provide funding for a number of ABB employees pursuing PhDs in commercially relevant areas depending on local initiatives. Consortia of government, business and academic partners focus on mutually beneficial projects, aiming to implement technologies in specific fields.

Writing the next ABB stories

Explore our current opportunities and become a part of the change you want to see in the world.
University Initiatives
Our university initiatives
We want to hire talents that are the right fit for our company development - making their stories our story. To enable this, we organize numerous events, workshops, company visits, virtual calls and programs throughout the year to showcase our career opportunities, recruitment process, technology and much more. 
We target key universities in the different countries - keep an eye open​​​​​​ for ABB on campus and on social media!
Our opportunities
Our opportunities
From electrical, mechanical and mechatronics engineers, to software developers and finance and supply chain professionals - ABB offers a wealth of opportunities.
We offer internships, thesis/diploma internships, entry level opportunities and graduate programs (i.e.: ABB Discovery or the Global Trainee Program).