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Grow and thrive in a diverse environment

Your talent deserves opportunity. Excelle is supporting diversity in our early talent programs looking to give these talents the tools to grow their professional profile and skill set.

Our special coaching and support trainings are exclusively open to colleagues participating in our early talent programs (i.e.: ABB Discovery), offering insight and advice for taking control of their career. Together, we are working for a future where every individual enjoys the success they deserve.

The four 1-day modules of the program

Get in the driver’s seat
  • Strength awareness
  • Make Strengths visible
  • Plan your career
Enhance your Career
  • Communication techniques    
  • Negotiation
  • Influencing 

  • Leadership styles
  • Diversity in teams

  • Understanding VUCA-D
  • Creative processes
  • Ideas becoming concrete

​​​​​​​How to participate

Excelle is a training module within a local or global rotational early talent program (i.e.: ABB Discovery). If you are selected for one of these programs, you may be invited to join Excelle. Participation is voluntary and must be approved by the line manager. Applications to ABB's early talent programs may open at different times of the year depending on the location. Keep an eye open and search for opportunities here.