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When he started his career at ABB, Subbaramaiah Ganesh signed a short-term contract. He probably didn’t expect to be here 20 years later. Today, Ganesh supports and motivates young people. He encourages them to be open-minded and to take chances because he experienced how important it is to work together and help each other. Read his story about courage and care. 


Subbaramaiah Ganesh

Leading Account Payables for AMEA, Global Business Services
Bangalore, India

“The organization has stood by me in challenging times, valued me and has given me excellent opportunities that befitted my skillset.” 

“When I started at ABB, I was on short-term contract”, says Subbaramaiah Ganesh. More than two decades and various positions later he is still working for ABB. In his current role, he leads accounts payable for the region Asia, Middle East and Africa (AMEA). 

“When ABB hired me, my job was to reconcile bank accounts,” asserts Subbaramaiah. Though he knew leaving a stable job for a short contract might be risky, he also knew he wanted to work at ABB and he was sure that courage pays off. 

“After my contract, I made myself available for any other role. Luckily, I found out there was a need for a trainee in the taxation department.” When he was hired as a permanent employee, he excitedly took on one project after the other.

Throughout his life, Subbaramaiah has faced various challenges. Luckily a strong support system – at home and at ABB – has been there to help him. 

When he was diagnosed with polio as a child, his parents made sure they found a way to give him the best care and opportunities. While polio is rare now, due to an effective vaccine, at the time it was a potentially life-altering diagnosis. 

“My parents realized I had polio when they spotted a delay in my walking,” he said. After some searching, they found a school near their house he could attend. “My mother would carry me to school for years…they {my parents} took it in stride and did whatever was best, available, and affordable.” 

Years later, in 2013, he had an accident that left him partially immobile for a few months. “ABB not only gave me the ability to recover fully before resuming work, but went a step further,” said Subbaramaiah. “Our managing director and many of my senior managers came to my home to visit me.” 

“ABB has stood by me, valued me, and given me excellent opportunities,” he said. “Most importantly, the warmth, the feeling of a community here, is unmatched.” 

Given his experiences, it’s important to Subbaramaiah to give back. He wants to be a role model for younger people, and works with and supports organizations that help children with disabilities. He tells those he works with to “Look at the big picture, do not be myopic in your vision. There are umpteen opportunities if you have the talent and commitment.”

This is Subbaramaiah 's story.
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