​​​​​​​Cristina's story

Cristina, a Senior Electrification Engineer for Process Automation projects, shares this advice: you never stop learning – keep being curious and follow your goals! 


Cristina D’ávila 

Senior Electrification Engineer, Process Automation
São Paulo, Brazil

“Each big project is a learning opportunity – be open to learn, don’t be afraid of asking questions.”

One of the first things Cristina says about ABB is how she can rely on her team and how what close friends they have become. “After 24 years in the company and so many big projects accomplished, I am sure I can rely on the ABB team as a family – supportive and ready to work hard to achieve the best possible quality,” she shares. “We store technical knowledge, but friends we bring along in our hearts forever”.

Cristina, an Electrical Engineer by education, took her first career steps in Rio de Janeiro, where she studied at Universidade Gama Filho. When her career stalled – in part due to a male-dominated field, she moved to Sao Paulo to look for new opportunities. It was here that she got first interviewed at ABB for the role of engineer. While the first role at ABB didn’t work out, it was only a few months until ABB called again! This time for a role as an Electrification Engineer on a project for Usiminas, one of the biggest steel producers in Brazil. 

Cristina has now been with ABB for 24 years. She recently described what it means to be in her current role – Senior Electrification Engineer in Process Automation. “You are the glue – the professional that has to make sure all the deployed products in the project are connected and work efficiently together. From motors and low voltage solutions to sensors and transformers,” she says. “And being an Electrification Engineer your learning curve is steep, both understanding the customer requirements and having a wide knowledge of ABB’s product portfolio”.

That first project with Usiminas was an on-the-job learning opportunity for her. And she hasn’t stopped learning since. “I have been through many other projects and each time it is a new adventure,” she says. “Now, after so many years, I am in my first project in the hydropower field. I am excited!”

During her years at ABB and in this industry, she also witnessed how the role of women in technical areas has evolved. She notices a much larger female engineer presence today but says it is still important for those entering the job market to “Follow your goal, always with dedication, discipline, honesty, and determination. Overcome the obstacles, as they exist regardless of gender. And be curious – never stop asking questions”.

​​​​​​​ This is Cristina's story.
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