​​​​​​​Olli's story

An automation technology student Olli started at the ABB Talent Internship Program in 2020 in the ABB Smart Power division in Vaasa, and he has just recently finished the program! Currently, Olli is working on his final thesis on the topic of Utilization of Robotic Process Automation in different functions within the department for ABB Smart Power. 


Olli Juhala 

Master Thesis Worker, Electrification
Vaasa, Finland

​​​​​“I encourage to apply for the Talent Program! The elements the program offers are more versatile compared to a regular summer internship. I would say the program is an acceleration lane for work-life!”

“I heard of the ABB Talent Program at a student fair organized at my campus at the University of Vaasa. One of the main reasons for me to apply was the continuity of the program as well as a possibility to gain long-term work experience”, Olli explains. 

Starting the Talent Program in summer 2020, Olli has performed versatile tasks within a project assignment. “During the first summer at ABB, I had the opportunity to build a production reporting system basically from scratch. I was able to have a major impact on the project and that motivated me a lot. It was rewarding to notice my work being very useful in the division”, Olli describes. After the summer he continued working at ABB part-time besides his studies. 

In March 2021, Olli started working on his final thesis and continued working part-time over the summer on top. At the moment, Olli is examining the utilization of robotics process automation in different functions within the department and is planning on graduating in near future. 

Looking back, Olli finds the Talent Program meeting his expectations: “The program has brought along interesting tasks. Additionally, mentoring has been a great experience and I feel like the discussions with my mentor have supported me in my career-planning in the future. The trainings organized during the program have also provided a nice toolkit for entering the work-life”. 

All in all, Olli summarizes his experience on the Talent Program as follows: “I have enjoyed having an opportunity to get the responsibility of having one’s own project. However, the best part of the program has been the Talent group we had! It consisted of 7 amazing people I will definitely keep in touch now also after the program.” 

This is Olli's story.
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