​​​​​​​Laura's story

An industrial engineering and management student, Laura from University of Oulu, started at the ABB Talent Internship Program in 2021. Now in the fourth year of her studies, Laura is majoring in Supply Chain and Operations Management. As minors, she has studied software engineering and business.


Laura Kojo 

Product Engineer Trainee, Motion
Helsinki, Finland

​​​​​“The best part about the Talent Program has been the opportunity to apply and improve your problem-solving skills and communication skills in practice. And to add – we have an amazing group of Talents!” 

Laura’s story with ABB started in May 2021 as she kicked off in the Talent Internship Program. She spent the first summer of the program as part of a Motion Service Division in Helsinki, working as a Sales Engineer Trainee in spare part sales. “My tasks included, to mention few, working out spare part inquiries via various information systems and through engineering drawings, making offers for the customers, and communication between customers, suppliers, and colleagues” Laura describes her summer at ABB. 

“After the summer, I started working part-time at ABB as a Product Engineer Trainee within the Motion Service Division. My tasks now include differing projects in product management” Laura adds. 

Laura says she applied to the ABB Talent Internship Program because it seemed like a unique opportunity. “The ABB Talent Program guaranteeing two summer internships, trainings, and mentoring gave me the impression the program would have more to offer compared to a regular summer internship – and that has been the case! The program allows you to dive deeper into the working life and develop relevant skills for your future career.”

“The best part about the Talent Program has been the opportunity to apply and improve your problem-solving skills and communication skills in practice in various work tasks. Mentoring has supported me in setting and achieving goals. And to add – we have an amazing group of Talents!” she continues. 

Laura recommends others also to apply for the ABB Talent Internship Program due to especially the program giving great skills to put use in your career. “During the program, you will receive a great deal of support and assistance from others, so you are not expected to know everything by yourself. The most important thing is your drive to challenge yourself. I want to wish everyone good luck with the application process!”. 

​​​​​​​ This is Laura's story.
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