​​​​​​​Antti's story

Antti graduated from the University of Oulu, from the Electronics and Communications Engineering program, majoring in Electronics Design in 2019. He started his story with ABB as an ABB Talent intern in 2016 and has been working at ABB since.


Antti Lukkari 

Project Manager, Motion
Helsinki, Finland

​​​​​"Green and digital transformation is the key to sustainable future. As a leading global technology company, we can make this happen.”

"I applied to ABB Talent Internship Program because it seemed like an excellent opportunity to get to know a large, international company. In addition, I felt that my educational background matched with the program, and the guaranteed summer internship motivated me to apply for the program too", summarizes Antti.  

During the program, Antti was able to experience life at ABB in different positions. "ABB Talent Internship Program gave me comprehensive work experience at ABB in a variety of different positions which was exactly what I was looking for in this program," said Antti. "In addition, I was able to participate in factory visits to Sweden and Estonia, mentoring, and interesting trainings during the program, which will certainly be useful in the future. The trainings included, for example, leadership and management and presentation skills workshops. I also made a lot of good friends through the program with whom I am still in regular contact with”, adds Antti.

After his graduation, Antti has been involved in digitalization projects as project manager. "My daily job includes project management tasks such as reporting, budgeting, scheduling, and planning work phases. I also work with various stakeholders. I have had the opportunity to work on fascinating topics such as digital twins, optimizing energy consumption and carbon footprint, and green electrification.", explained Antti.

“I would recommend applying for the ABB Talent Internship Program as it allows you to see aspects of working life that you don't get to see in a regular summer internship. Broad work experience in an international company helps build a strong foundation for your career path, and ABB enables continuous self-development and career progression even after graduation.”

​​​​​​​This is Anttis's story.
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